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Stroke, assign, go!

GestureMatic allows you to access your most frequently-performed tasks by sketching out customised freehand "gestures". For example:

  • sketch a heart to dial a loved one;
  • sketch a cross shape to open up a Google Map focused on your town;
  • sketch a "D" to send an SMS message to Dave;
  • sketch an "F" to open up Facebook.
Access your favourite Contacts, Bookmarks and apps all from one place.

Just a tap away

Place GestureMatic in the bottom row of icons on your home screen, so it's always easily accessible.

Don't see a video on the left? Try this one!


GestureMatic on iPhone

GestureMatic on iPhone

Simple to use

Open up GestureMatic and you'll only see one button. Hold it to record a new gesture, or tap it to see the ones you've already recorded. Most of the time you won't even need that button - you'll just sketch out a gesture you'd previously recorded and its assigned action will be performed.

In GestureMatic, gestures are completely freeform. You're not limited to one stroke, or to simple shapes.

What can I do with it?

First, a technical aside. GestureMatic works because iOS applications can specify their own "URL schemes", which means that other apps (like GestureMatic) can open them directly. Not all apps have such schemes, but most of the built-in ones and many of your favourites do.

In the current (first) release, GestureMatic gestures can:

  • open mobile Safari and browse to a website;
  • open the Mail app, with optional message fields filled in, or send one without leaving GestureMatic;
  • dial or send an SMS message to someone;
  • open Google Maps and search for the specified term;
  • open Google Earth (if installed);
  • open the Facebook, Twitter or Ebay apps (if installed);
  • open Skype and dial a given number (if installed).
If you're dying to access one of your favourite apps that isn't in this list, and it supports custom URL schemes, I'll add it to the next update. Just get in touch!

See it in action

Go get it!

It's a free download at the App Store. Download now.